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                                                                          Toilets are one of the most wasteful devices of water in the

                                                                          typical home. This device, Toilinal, conserves much water, 

                                                                          without requiring extra plumbing and installation costs which

                                                                          present eco-friendly toilet alternatives require. Toilinal is a 

                                                                          feasible eco-friendly toilet for the masses.


                                                                         Toilinal decisively ends the battle of the sexes over leaving

                                                                          the toilet seat up or down. By combining the toilet bowl and 

                                                                          urinal in one device, both men and women can pee naturally,

                                                                          and no longer have to worry about lifting the toilet seat up or

                                                                          down. Women do not have to sit on a toilet seat with urine

                                                                          drops anymore, while men do not have to worry about  poor

                                                                          aim. Thus, Toilinal creates a more sanitary environment

                                                                          for all toilet users.


                                                                         We look forward to sharing our inventions and trademarks 

                                                                          with manufacturers and companies through legal agreements.

                                                                          If you are interested in our patent or trademark licensing, we

                                                                          warmly  welcome  you to join our team as a strategic partner.

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                                           Smarter Choice, Brighter Life, Better World


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