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                                                The story of  toilinal...






          toilet + urinal







                                                                   The word "Toilinal" perfectly captures the essence of our

                                                              innovative design. Combining the "toil" of toilet, and the "inal"

                                                           of urinal, this dynamic logo symbolizes the seamless integration

                                                                    of toilet and urinal into one, sleek, ultra-modern device.


                                                    Toilinal stands for everything you might need in a restroom.

                                                                Toilinal wipes away your discomfort in a unisex toilet. 

                                                                Toilinal makes your restroom space-efficient.

                                                               Toilinal conserves much more water than you can imagine.

                                                                Toilinal is the standard hygienic apparatus for next generation.

                                                               Toilinal means user-friendly, gender-friendly and eco-friendly.


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